Sunday, July 31, 2022

Beat The Squeak

About a year ago, I opened a service ticket with Tesla because my driver's side door squeaked every time I closed it.  Mobile service (which is great, by the way) came out and lubricated the weatherstripping. This fixed the problem, but fast-forward to July 1st and the squeak is back!

I could call Tesla service again, but what happens once the car is out of warranty?  Then I remembered a special product that was recommended to me some years ago to fix a sticky mini-van passenger door.  The product is Nextzett Gummi Pflege Stift (affiliate link).  Weird name because it's made in Germany but this stuff works!  The product has a built in applicator making it very easy to apply.

I applied to the weatherstripping of all doors, let it dry and voila, no more squeak!  This works great for any vehicle or any application the use rubber weatherstripping.

I will update this post when the squeaking returns, but I expect to be squeak-free for well over a year.

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